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Thread: little things that annoy you.

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    that moment when you record i'm a celebrity get me out of here, go to watch it, and it failed...

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    people who sound like their mouth is covered in tape.

    it just makes me get goosebumps, and it's absolutely horrible

    their's a girl in I think it's something special, who sounds like that and oh.

    reminds me of so many horrible voices i've heard in the past

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    people stating the obvious

    like a comment I heard today

    oh.. my kid sat up front with the train driver, if you don't know who he is, he's the guy who drives the train

    really?. is he?

    I'd have never guessed

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    Charity muggers. Save the puppy, save the tiger, save the children, save the elephant and don't for get save the whale. All down our street today.

    They look at me and think I'm cool, I'm purplefan at night I rule.

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    popups on websites

    that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are brouzing for

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    These new pull back lids you get now. I miss the key you got and you just wound it back.
    Progress, I guess.

    They look at me and think I'm cool, I'm purplefan at night I rule.

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    I’ve just needed to give my name but when asked for the information she said “and the name is?” THE name. Not could I take YOUR name please. Such an impersonal way of requesting personal information.

    Oh and people who stop in shop door ways to chat with their friends. Grrrrr.

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    something that drives me crazy is when someone is making a repetitive noise ..such as tapping on a desk or clicking a pen
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    You wouldn’t wanna be in a room with me then lol

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    People who whistle.

    They look at me and think I'm cool, I'm purplefan at night I rule.

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