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Thread: Tracking your mood

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    Tracking your mood

    Hi everyone

    I don't know if this website has already been mentioned but thought i would post the link to it anyway just incase

    Ive personally found it helpful for recording my mood both good and bad, you answer the questions each day and it calculates it and plots it on a graph. You can then put notes on your graph - what's been happening etc and you can nominate buddies to share it with if you want to.

    Hope its useful for someone! X

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    Thanks sweetz
    That's a really great resource. Quite a few of our members use it and find it helpful

    (You posted this twice tho hunni - so I've removed the duplicate. x)

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    Doh! Thanks!

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    thanks for this. It'll be really helpful

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    I have started use this, only a couple fo days in but good to keep a record.

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    I have found it helpful. I like the idea of the graph. Sometimes we feel worse than we really are(if that makes sense) And the graph can put it into perspective.

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    I found this post the other day so using moodscope for my own info (not sharing with a buddy). Obviously 0% is lowest and 100% is very good mood but what percentage do people think would be classed as a reasonable mood, ie not really happy bit not particularly low either - would it be 50%? My scores so far have been 20, 10 & 11 - should I be concerned?

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    I wouldn't worry about it exactly so long as you are safe. A mood tracker is exactly that. A way of recording your mood and over a longer period of time you may be able to see a pattern emerge. Eg. You notice that every Wednesday you feel low. What do you do on a Wednesday that is triggering those feelings and can you change it? Often patterns emerge that you were unaware of and that can be the key to helping you to get better

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    Thanks x

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    Well I have hit rock bottom - 0% on moodscope. Off to see the GP tomorrow and will take my phq-9 (25) & gad -7 (18) score as well as my moodscope graph. I know I am being very negative at the moment but I have not reached the stage where I can look at the positives. I am sure I will eventually, but meanwhile I will have my eeyore moments (I can still make a little joke so all is not lost).

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