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Thread: Medication Review: Quetiapine

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    Thanks rose . I had taken the quetiapine about half hour before i went up to bed . It did seem to be the stairs that made my heart beat fast but as i laid down it didnt want to slow down and the panic feeling started . I am reasonably fit but i think i will be more careful after taking the tablets especially when going up to bed . I phoned the doctors and they gave me another number to ring regarding medication and they were very helpful . She also said to see my gp for an ecg and other checks . I am staying away from coffee for now aswell .

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    I just wanted to update my progress on quetiapine . I found for me the 300mg immediate realease at night has helped with my depression but was too much of a dosage for the side effects . It made me very drowsey soon after taking it and felt the heart palpitations too much and also restless leg syndrome , oh and the "munchies" . All of which were soon after taking it at night . Although waking up in the morning was difficult i felt no side effects during the day . My pdoc said to me from the begining that i should try to work out for myself the best dosage that i feel most benificial with the least side effects , so i have gradually reduced it down to 150 mg and found it more tolarable at night with less of the worrying side effects . I manage to get to sleep no problem without the heavy stoned feeling , more of a natural tiredness and the restless leg syndrome has eased up completely . Time will tell how well this will prevent my depression returning . I was thinking of talking to the pdoc about coming off it completely because of the side effects but am hopeful that reducing the dosage will be more beneficial . I have also reduced the sertraline to 50mg in the morning , and i am trying to keep as physically fit as possible by excersize and good nutritious food . I hope this helps someone else on quetiapine or starting it . I will update it again soon .

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    Really helpful! Thank you!
    Just call me Goose....

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    This stuff is the best. Quietens down my thoughts, helps me sleep... what's not to love. Oh, it makes me eat, that's a downside for sure!

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    I take quetiapine 25mg twice a day, plus a 3rd PRN occasioccasionally. I also take 100mg at night. I really find this helps with my racing thoughts and helps my brain slow down enough to let me be able to sleep without needing to resort to night sedation. It turns down the sound a bit.
    However I do have to be careful of my blood pressure dropping with it. I do not tolerate the slow release quetiapine because of this. I have a few lumps and bumps on my head to prove it 😁

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