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    I just signed up and posted in the introductions thread, I mentioned in there that I have been prescribed Fluoxetine and don't know anything about it so any information would be great.


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    hello and welcome , dont know anything about but im sure others will

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    Hi, my husband was on it for years. What do you want to know?
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    I was on it for a while and it did it's job for a period of time. My mom was on it when it first came out and than tried other things, but she is back on it. For her it has the least side effects of anything she's been on it.

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    I'm on it been about 4/5 weeks can't tell if working as I'm very up and down anyway but according to gp questionnaire I do each month score was 22 now a 17 so pose must be doing something
    I think depends on situation though and life what's happening one month to the next I'm on 20mg apparently it's 6 months minimal once start them which if honest I was reluctant as tried so hard other methods before admitting needed to go down medication route ( just me)
    I did have nausea when first took them but that settled down after week or so felt rotten but some days feel ok
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    Hiya DMC! I was on Fluoxetine from May 6th to ten days ago. Heartily recommend it.

    I didn't intend to withdraw - I just forgot a day and never went back. I credit the drug with lots of things and I wouldn't hesitate to go back on if I needed to. It enabled me to function, gave me a sense of well being, cut off my negative emotions and improved my terrible view of the world (though didn't make it attractive - just improved my ability to shrug my shoulders). I really liked the drug. However, like all drugs, it has side effects. Not big ones, but I just wanted my old brain chemistry back. There is a possibility there is still plenty of fluoxetine in my system, so I'll keep you posted as to how I feel. Take good care. Mark

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    Hi milky and welcome.........I take fluoxetine 60mg a day and i have found it really helpful it has helped to stabalise my mood but the draw back is that it makes me feel tired.

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    Veggie, I've just run 7 miles in 1h 10m. Not a lot, but considering two years ago, I couldn't run to the toilet after a curry, I've made big progress.

    I'll stay on topic: Prozac killed my running - that was the biggest side effect of all. Felt like I was running through treacle. Weird sleep and dreams too. Fourteen days off and I'm back to normal. Still very concerned about my libido. I'm usually like a rat up a drainpipe, but that seems to have changed. Might be age? However, I still have another 32 tablets and I will not hesitate to go back on them if it all looks completely black, as it did in May. They were superb for me and got me over several huge hurdles. I strongly recommend the medication and I never thought I would write that.

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    wow, strange. I stopped taking fluoxetine when I got into coke and I haven't gotten back on it since I stopped because Wellbutrin is working good by itself right now, but I was prescribed fluoxetine after I told my doctor that i was feeling more tired than usual. Once I added fluoxetine to wellbutrin I was on top of the world. I had tons of energy and actually ended up losing a bit of weight because of it. I'm assuming it was the fluoxetine that gave me the energy but I suppose it could be the way the two drugs interacted with each other.

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