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Thread: Distraction Techniques

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    EMDR therapy sounds like it may help as that is what i am undertaking to help me get over the traumas causing my depression.

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    Yes was told that there may be some CBT available for me in december by my GP - but not until december coming (just a 12 month wait then!) - keeping my fingers crossed for that. what is EMDR

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    Having said that about porn/booze - I find for the last week I can't find an interest in anything, least of all sex - I guess I have:
    1) the stage of my mind needing to find distraction in order to avoid anger (this is when distraction is useful),
    2) then the stage where it just sits and cries - at that point distraction dosn't work - only crying is available now.

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    my distraction technique is my pets.....

    i keep snakes, everytime i get really low i get a new one. i have 120 now. all are immaculate as i am very OCD about them. it wasnt until recently i realised it though.

    people have a go at me for keeping them, they dont understand that they are my one and only passion. they just say to get rid of them etc. i dont want to, the more i have the more time they take up in care etc and the less time i have for thinking about my depression.

    but no one understands that

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsky View Post
    but no one understands that
    I understand I don't understand why you chose *snakes* (shudder) but I get how important they are to you.

    Just be careful you aren't using them as an excuse to avoid other things, like getting out and being social etc.

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    Interesting issue coming up in my head here.
    Why does Aspasia think that "getting out and being social" is so high on her agenda, it's got to be as high on everyone else's agenda as well?
    Sorry to butt in!

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    its very difficult for me to get and and be social. my best friend moved to the isle of man earlier last year, and my other 2 friends live at the other end of the country to me and i can only see them every few weeks due to financial constraints on the cost of travel...

    i see my mum a couple of times a week but at the moment she is pre-occupied with my sister due to her expecting her first child.... that has become the sole focus in my family.

    I live in the country so there are no social activities available, and im too scared to go anywhere alone. I cant even go into a shop alone if it is one i have never been in before whilst with someone else.... x

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    snakes are my passion, i love everything about them. they are sophisticated, specialised, diverse and absolutely fascinating for me, hatching some eggs is the best feeling ever, seeing those little faces break into the world for the first time x

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    That's fantastic Amanda. I always admire anyone who dares to be different.
    Even though 120 snakes reminds me of Harrison Ford in that pit of snakes!

    My nephew Paul used to have a tarantula spider that he took out with him.
    At another time he had a big lizard that would run up me, and run up the walls.

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    Little Lulu
    Not sure about snakes lol. I keep chickens and I love them. They are really comical and full of character. Got three of them who are very tame and they follow me round the garden after treats. And the eggs are wonderful too. They cheer me up on a bad day and I have to look after them so it gets me outdoors even for just a short period when things are bad.

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