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Thread: One a day….

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzi View Post
    OMG love that wicked mint choc chip!

    You didn't take over! Loved seeing the development with the extension! Also , it was fab to see Im!
    It’s bloody good Suzi! With Ethan being away I don’t need to share the ice cream! Not sure that’s a good thing??
    I’m so pleased that Im gave a wave and didn’t tell me to go away! Seeing her smile made me smile.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaquaia View Post
    I didn't see Im - rural internet!!!!
    I’ll try and see if she’ll say hello next time!

    Quote Originally Posted by Suzi View Post
    We'll have to petition to get her to join in next time! I was impressed that Fern waved hello too!
    I missed Fern waving!! I’d let her join in but not sure she’d be happy about it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stella180 View Post
    You have nothing to apologise for, you didn’t take over at all. As for not sitting still I was just as guilty today of randomly wandering around the house. I know we don’t really know each other that well but there’s just something about you that makes you easy to get on with. I think you’re ace even if you are a Liverpool fan
    Thank you.
    You are easy to get on with too. I had a major crush on Paul Walsh when growing up and was devastated when he left to go to Spurs! Well at least I’m not a Man Utd fan!! Only joking Jaq!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Paula View Post
    I loved seeing your house, and the most impressive shed I’ve ever seen!
    Thank you.
    E got the shed as an Xmas present when he was 11. J and him shared a bedroom and E needed a bit of space for himself. He asked for a shed as joke initially but Stephen agreed to build him one! He had a bed built in it and would stay in it in the school hols etc Him and Stephen changed it round 4 years ago.

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    That's so cool about E's shed! What a brilliant idea!
    Do a little of something that makes you happy every day!

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    I can go off people you know!
    Tęn përdu, jhamâi së rëcôbro

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