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Thread: Aunty Pat

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    Aunty Pat

    My wonderfully talented and favourite Aunt has allowed me to share these pieces with you all. I hope you like them as much as I do.

    I shook, I cried, I gasped for breath,
    My life was going to end,
    Iím stuck, right here, within myself,
    With terror as my friend.

    I donít know why I am like this,
    A prisoner of my mind,
    Where everything I try to do
    With reason I canít find.

    They call it mental illness,
    To me itís mental hell,
    Those days I cannot function
    And you just cannot tell.

    Itís hard to rent your head out,
    To a lodger who wonít leave
    And one who doesnít pay his dues
    When heart and mind both bleed.

    If you could see inside my mind
    Youíd see a total mess
    But no you judge me as you see
    A looser at a guess.

    Donít judge me as you see me
    Itís neither fair nor real
    And until youíve walked in my shoes
    You know, not how I feel.

    Patricia Weston

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    When trauma follows trauma
    And you build a wall to hide
    Where nothing else can touch you
    Whilst you lay deep inside
    Where no one else can hurt you
    So pain can be no more
    And none can see that jibbering wreck
    That’s you upon the floor.

    At first it is your safe house
    It’s walls held thick and true
    Where only you can see the bricks
    Of that safety net round you
    Each day you add another brick
    In that wall around your mind
    Till you become oblivious
    Of anything unkind.

    As Bit by bit you heal inside
    You need to see the light
    So you get to add a window
    To the wall that is your life.
    As window follows window
    You edge towards the door
    To try and see that person,
    The one you were before

    It takes a while to venture out
    That pull of power is strong
    That wall you built around you
    As everything went wrong.
    But sure as daybreak lightens
    And sunset turns to night
    Your life will lift and lighten
    Then once again be bright.

    You’ll always keep a thin veneer
    To protect you when In need
    But that wall you built to shield you
    Will tumble down like weeds
    You’ll get to see the brighter days
    Far more than you have done
    And when that last brick tumbles
    You’ll rise to face the sun.

    ‘ Pat ‘ 28/05/2019

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    They are both amazing. Really Express a lot of how I feel.
    Tell her thank you from me. They really helped me today and thank you for posting them.
    Check out my Calandoniacrochet Facebook page.

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    Fab!! Brought tears to my eyes
    The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

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    She is amazing and been through so much, battling cancer on and off for around a decade and losing her soul mate in my uncle October 2019. I have so much respect for that woman and love her to bits.

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    She's very clever and sounds a very special lady.....I'm not surprised you love her to bits.

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    I have a large family and of all my aunts and uncles she has always been the one I could talk to about anything. No judgement and always spoke her mind and offered good advice. It was the reason she was top of my list for godparents when I had my first born. She once described me as the daughter she never had (she had 6 boys) and if I’m honest I had the kinda relationship with her that I wish I had with my own mum. She is awesome and when I lost my brothers he sent me one of her beauty poems then which really helped...

    Heaven Awaits You

    What can I say about you
    That no ones said before
    How can I raise a smile or two
    As you knock Heavens door
    When all the while I’ll miss you
    And sometimes, yes, I’ll cry
    As you were taken far to soon
    I have to ask it, why?

    Why, when others live they’re life
    Rotten to the core
    The good Lord sought to take you
    To knock on Heavens door
    I guess he had his reasons
    Of which we know not why
    That he recalled you back to him
    Somewhere up on high.

    You’ll liven up the atmosphere
    As you take to the floor
    To raise a glass to us on earth
    From inside Heavens door
    Whilst we are left with memories
    To fill the place of you
    The smile, the laugh, that look of yours
    From someone good and true.

    You never were an Angel
    But you still ticked the score
    To leave this earth for pastures new
    Your place at Heavens door
    Our hearts will always hold you
    Today with tears and pain
    But we’ll hold fast our memories
    Until we meet again.

    One day the sun will shine for us
    Just like it did before
    And we will look towards the sky
    Our glimpse at Heavens door
    Where you will stand there waiting
    A smile upon your face
    A loving hand to greet us all
    As we too, take our place.

    ‘Pat’ 04/03/2020

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    She's got an amazing way with words. She's fabulously talented. Thank her from me x
    Do a little of something that makes you happy every day!

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    I have passed on your messages and here is her reply...

    Thank you so much. I was a lonely child in a large family and my gift, as a teacher once branded it, for words was my solace and friend. It’s nice to share and help others identify. X

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    She's amazing. If she ever wants to, I'd love to share some on the DWD FB page...
    Do a little of something that makes you happy every day!

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