Iíve been on 75mg Dosulepin and go online to order it on the doctors surgery site. Been on to order but the little box to tick isnít next to the medication so had to send a message. It did say my doctor needs to review it.
Also noticed the last time I ordered it and that was in September!!!
So I must have gone through October without any 😳.
Thing is - my doctor rang me other week as I was feeling suicidal - she must have rang from home as didnít say anything about my meds.
Doctor appointments are from 1st December😢😢 and are few and at least 2 weeks away.
Iíve been feeling very irritable, down and wanting to end my life. And now Iíve ran out of Dosulepin Iím starting to get stressed because DWP if my meds change. I know I would rather die than go through another form from them.😢
I donít know what to do?