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Thread: Hi...Iím new here...

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    Hi...Iím new here... I already said, Iím completely new to this and any forum at all. Iím suffering with anxiety and depression disorders since early teens. I never tried any forums yet, as the doubt of ďif it will make me feel any better talking to others?Ē, was always present in my head and stopping me. At the moment Iím struggling at my worst with my depression, and that pushed me to reach out anywhere I can as I feel the necessity to talk it out to someone who will not judge and blame but understand, and perhaps give some useful info about how I can help myself to fight with those issues. I would be very thankful for this. I almost donít have anybody who I could talk to, the closest and the most understanding person is my husband, but he suffers from depression and anxiety disorders himself...and sometimes he reaches his limit, and at such times he cannot talk to me at all as it affects him and he cannot cope with it. So I end up just silently and invisibly suffering on my own, inside, it feels like I was too strong for too long and I cannot take it anymore...

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    Hi and welcome. This is a friendly and welcoming place to be so I hope youíll find your Ďplaceí here
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    Hi there, welcome to DWD. Have you seen your Dr and told them how you are feeling? Are you eating and drinking properly? Getting any exercise?
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    Hi Supernova welcome to DWD in these trying times life is much more difficult, though we can't offer one to one support because we're not professionals we can to lend a sympathetic ear because talking does help.
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    Hi and welcome to DWD

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