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Thread: James in the UK

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    James in the UK

    Hello im James from the UK i found your website and just registred. for some reason it wont let me serach but i was looking for help and support as im depressed about the state of my teeth. some have fallen out, others are just in a bad way and the way the look means i avoid any kind of public contact. Im terriefed at the thought of even visiting the dentist.

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    Hi James and welcome. What is it that frightens you about the dentist? When was the last time you went? Have you talked to your doctor about your mood?
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    Hi James and welcome!
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    Hi and welcome James.

    I have rubbish teeth too - mine's mostly due to one of my medical conditions and medication... So I sympathise. Have you thought of finding a dentist who specialises in scared patients and see if you can have something to help you through it?
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    Hi and welcome James, my teeth used to be a mess and I am needle and dentist phobic, but managed to go to the dentist as my teeth were bad and they sent me to the hospital to have mine done, is that something that is possible for you to look into ?
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