I'm just wondering if anybody has been prescribed ketamine for their depression. I know it is not officially licensed for this purpose but it does appear that the nasal spray, Esketamine, will be approved in the UK next year (as it has been in the US).

I was on Pregabalin for about three months a few years ago as I had heard it was good for treating anxiety in particular. However I just found that it mostly made me tired so I stopped taking it.

I asked my psychiatrist a couple of years ago if I could try Bupropion (Wellbutrin) which is approved as an antidepressant in many countries but in this country is used only as an aid to help people quit smoking. However he told me that it would not be prescribed (I forget why exactly).

I have tried all the major SSRIS, SNRIS and none of them really helped. I would be grateful to know if anybody else is on either of the aforementioned medications as GPS do appear to be somewhat inconsistent in the way that they apply the rules (perhaps even to the extent of bending them in some cases).