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Thread: Better the devil you know ?

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    Better the devil you know ?

    Although I am on holiday at the moment I am interested in members feelings about long term prescription drugs primarily for mental health. I am on a cocktail of drugs including lithium and mirtazapine and asthma meds. As I have maintained a relatively stable mood for some years now I am beginning to wonder whether I could reduce the mirtazapine to 30mg with a view to coming off it completely. I would not do this without a psychiatrist monitoring me. I have seen Dr J in the past but he is private and expensive but I would go back to him I think.
    I have been affected by the scare stories about no deal brexit and how this might affect supplies of medication. I know there is a stock pile of medication locally. This is a fact confirmed by a pharmacist I know.
    I donít think that I could come off the lithium unless it was making me ill. I do think that I want to reduce my meds. The only problem is sometimes the serious anxiety that I feel.

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    Elizabeth, the drugs could be the reason that your stable and changing them could possibly change that, then you would have the issue of readjusting the meds again which can have an effect on your mental health.

    I know that being on them long term isnt always nice but if they are keeping you well that has to be a positive.
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    I've come off mirtazapine purely as I didn't think it was helping me at all. So I think that if you feel strongly about it then why not? If you start to decrease it and things get worse for you, you can always increase it again - I know it doesn't work immediately, but you'd have that option...
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    Honestly, hunni, as long as Iíve known you youíve always seemed to struggle with depression and associated anxiety. Youíre doing great at the moment and are pushing yourself to do things you werenít doing but my doctors have always said that you need to be stable for at least 6 months before trying to reduce medication. Be proud of what youíve achieved and consider very carefully, and with your doctors advice, before reducing the meds
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