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    Hello, first time ever on a forum but at the lowest point in my 64 years so nothing to lose !!! Its all gone anyway.
    Suffered from depression most of my life and could never tolerate tablets so just waited for it to pass but this bout
    gone on for over 4 years. Im worn out, no money and have relationship problems, probably all related. Close to giving up.

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    Hi and welcome. I'm so sorry you're suffering. Can I asked if when the last time you tried medication was? Have you ever tried counselling? Do you have any support at all?

    Sorry for all the questions, it's just so we can understand better. You will always find a friendly ear here.
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    Hi and welcome to DWD!
    Do you have any support around you? What about friends? Are you eating and drinking healthily?
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    Hi and welcome Bridy x
    If you cant fly, then run, if you cant run, then walk, if you cant walk, then crawl, but by all means keep moving.
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    Hi Bridy welcome to DWD have you tried medication recently as modern anti-depressants are superior to what they used to be.

    First port of call is your doctor, have you spoken to your doctor about your depression recently?
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    Hi Bridy, sorry for the late welcome from me
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