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    Hi, Tommy, and welcome
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    Hey Tommy welcome to DWD.
    I am 22 years old and joined this forum recently . I find this fournm a wonderful community and people on here have been so supportive . I recently finished university. I graduated with a 2.1 in law . Sucide is biggest killer of men i am glad you are getting help and i am.happy your mum is supportive.
    I hope you succeed with at university . I was diagnosed with Depression during my final year of university. I kept breaking down crying and struggled to stay motivated . I flipped over a desk during one of my law exams and stormed out of the exam hall.
    Finaincally my family are supportive but emotionally not so much . My family don't take mental health seriously so I have hidden my diagnosis from my family .
    I am politics geek and I love shopping.
    God bless you and wish you well.

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    Hi Andrea, nice to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear about your problems at university but you are incredibly resilient to of been able to fight through and finish your degree.
    I watch the news and try to keep up with current affairs but am not all that knowledgeable on politics. God bless you also. I hope you manage to live as best you can and gain support from others such as myself.

    Hi Paula, nice to meet you.
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    You've been given some good suggestions about mind and Andy's man project or men in sheds etc... I'm glad you have spoken to your GP and that you're OK with meds. That's really positive.
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    Hi Tommy it is good you've a supportive mum.
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