Hi everybody

Just registered on here to join the community. Am a 33 year old male living in the UK. Suffer with depression and social anxiety.
Had depression for a number of years and first became aware of my social anxiety at the age of 19.
Take venlafaxine for my depression and currently live at home with my mother. Am a mature student at university.
Have never felt happy or content with my life. Always felt like an outsider. Moved around the country quite a lot and have only one friend I can see sometimes.
I was in a relationship that lasted about 5 years but ended in 2017 due to me quitting a course I was on that was going to lead to a decent job but I hated it ..and back to square one with no decent paid job.
I just dont function like a normal person. Always feel low and want to withdraw. Hardly have any interest in anything or feel motivated to try and make friends. Don't use facebook or instagram. Really lost in life and feel hopeless. Only having a great mother is what keeps me going.
Feel so ashamed of the way I am. Im getting older and just don't know how my life will improve. Always find it difficult being with other people and just want to withdraw.