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Thread: What are you reading atm?

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    Martina cole 'the life' very nitty gritty but love her books.
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    Leyton orient programme from yesterdays disappointing game.
    Excellent read.
    Lots of pictures and NO joined up writing.

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    Just finished my book The Queens Head (not great I worked out who was behind it all before I got to the middle of the book), now have to decide between:-
    The Black Country by Alex Grecian
    The Camelot Code by Sam Christer
    A Blink of the Screen by Terry Pratchett
    Dodger by Terry Pratchett
    An Unholy Alliance by Susanne Gregory
    Relics by Pip Vaughan-Hughes

    Anyone read of these? What do reckon I should start with??

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    Bastion by Mercades Lakey all though it should be called Kerching as its the 5th book in what was a trilogy

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    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Have seen all the films but never read any of the books so decided that I would!

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    I love the Harry Potter Books I read them with the children over and over again.

    My current reading materials are knitting and crochet patterns though.

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    I'm reading Winner at the moment

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    Not a big harry potter fan i was more a Terry pratchett fan.

    They look at me and think I'm cool, I'm purplefan at night I rule.

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    Dolly, I loved the books! Yes I even queued to get the later ones at midnight

    PF - Never got on with Pratchett..
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    Im currently reading olivia by Virginia andrews. Im absolutely mad about this author, she originally wrote flowers in the attic, after I read that I was hooked, I read at least a book a week :-)

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