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Thread: What is life all about

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    What is life all about

    A friend of mine told me about here and said I should take a look and maybe talk. Not sure what to say other than I am sad most of the time and really there is no explanation for it. Nothing really makes me happy I have a few lovely friends and my dog Teddy but I feel alone most of the time. Do other people feel this way? as I am confused a lot of the time as to why I feel the way I do.
    Thanks for listening if you have

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    Hi Geraldine and welcome. Apologies in advance for all the questions ...... have you seen your doctor? Are you taking any medication? How long have you been feeling like this? Have you had any counselling?

    Again, sorry for all the questions. I’m so glad you have found us, everyone here is friendly, welcoming and supportive
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    Hi and welcome to the community. I'm going to add to Paula's questions, sorry! Are you eating and drinking sensibly? Getting any exercise? What about any friends/a support system around you?

    Have a look around and jump in wherever you feel comfortable. I promise everyone is really, really friendly and have their own understandings of depression and mental health illness.
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    Hello, so nice to meet you. The others have asked all the questions. But yes I feel that way too sometimes. And lots more.

    Just wanted to say hi

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    Hi Geraldine "What is life all about?" is the question you posed, there is no definitive answer, it's different for everyone of us.
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