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Thread: Fab 5's: Friday 17th May 2019

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    Fab 5's: Friday 17th May 2019

    Morning all! It's Friday!
    So it's time to ask...

    What 5 (or more or less) things have made you smile or been positive for you this week?

    Remember - they have to be relevant to you and can be one of the simple things in life!

    Mine to get you started:

    ~ Willow is coming out of her shell after we have changed the way we are dealing with her as we've found out she's almost blind
    ~ Spending lots of time in the garden
    ~ Pacing
    ~ Video challenges with Mike and the daily meds reminder thread
    ~ Lots of laughs and hugs with Moiya and Crash!

    This is my favourite thread of the week - it'd be great to see loads of answers on it!
    Your turn!
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    My Lunaís vision wasnít good - but once we figured out how to help her, it made a huge difference to her confidence!

    Anyhow, hereís mine:

    - Katies home! (So Iíve been told - she didnít get in until the early hours and is still in bed)
    - a lovely day on the Isle of Wight with mum and dad
    - Polo loving the beach, and socialising with loads of dogs
    - a relatively quiet week
    - dad loving his birthday present
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    - catch up with an old friend.....long long overdue
    - exams have started for the kids..... the anticipation worry is over and now it's just the slog
    - as ever my crochet hook
    - completed my dental treatment
    - my veg plot is showing lots of new life.
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    Suzi I'm glad Willow is slowly coming on, after a dreadful start in life she has found a loving family.

    • Got the echo scan at the hospital out of the way and had a nice lunch and walk home.
    • Lunch at the Old Boat house with sis and bro in law.
    • Custard Club, good meal and then the Third Wednesday Club with a musical talk on musicals.
    • Bridge fun as always.
    • Fish 'n' chips at the Cock today (Friday) mentioning the Cock always makes me giggle, will I ever grow up
    • Suzi's daily video challenge and her Eat/Drink/Meds daily video makes my day start with a smile.
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    Here are mine:
    Just come home from a piano recital. Chopin preludes and a Beethoven sonata
    Very naughty carrot cake and coffee in JL
    Plenty of singing yesterday a funeral and tomorrow a wedding
    Looking forward to our wedding anniversary and going away
    N and D coming home today from Weston
    Beginning to sort the house out

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    Had a very good yearly review at work
    Got a pay rise
    made a sucsessfull daily post at work on MH for MH week this week and it went down well on the company slack boards
    started working full time on new large manufacturing facility project, something technical and totally different to last 4 years projects.
    Being able to keep my ukrainian friend going after her anxiety attack

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