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Thread: Dancing around my handbag

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    I’m feeling very tired. The last few days have taken it out of me. It is hardly surprising as it has been a very emotional time for me. OH and I went to see ‘Little Women’ on Thursday as well which made me cry as well. Cs funeral was long but Im glad I went to all of it. He had a mass and the crematorium and the wake. It was good to see everyone. I met Fr Paul which was good. I’m now Anglican J ! N felt that Cs sexuality was denied - it just wasn’t mentioned. One of his friends wore a rainbow coloured tie which was good.

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    I'm glad that one his friends did that. I also feel that it isn't something that should be ignored,it's part of who they are! I'm glad the funeral went as well as it can have done.
    Does sound like you've had a really emotional time, I hope you're going to be able to get some rest lovely.
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    It must have taken so much out of you
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    I hope if my daughter brings home a woman and says mum and dad this is my girlfriend, I'll be able to say hi, would you like to stay to dinner. I think I will, because it's not going to be a big deal. I don't think it should be. It should be as natural as if they have a partner of the opposite sex.

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