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Thread: Medication review with the GP

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    Medication review with the GP

    As I am taking lithium and mirtazapine as well as montelukast and diazepam I had been asked to have a medication review with a GP. This unfortunately could not be done with my own GP as she is on long term sick.
    The GP explained that I needed my lithium blood test done. I explained that this is more difficult as I have been sent a whole batch of blood test forms for the whole year.
    I explained that I missed the contact with the GP who would write the results in my book and remind me when the next test was due and issue me with a form.
    He said that I could have an appointment with a GP who would do all this for me.
    He also explained that I could access my lithium level results and thyroid tests on line. I havenít tried this yet but it would stop some of the anxiety around waiting for the result.
    My GP practice have also gone onto same day appointments meaning that they will not book in advance.
    I felt overall that the GP had listened to me and would ask the receptionists to tell the patient the lithium level and thyroid level over the phone rather than saying that they were not qualified to do so. All in all a positive result.

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    That's brilliant! So glad it was all so positive.
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