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    That's good to hear, Suzi .

    Yes, I think CBT is one of those things you've got to be committed to and believe in for it to work. I'll give it my best shot and hopefully it'll make a difference.

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    Unfortunately I got my dates muddled up for my CBT appointment and missed it, so I'm having to wait until April 29 now for my first session. 😞

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    That's something I've done too so don't worry about it too much. Can you set it as a reminder in your calendar on your phone?
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    Weve all done that at some point or another but 29th isnt too far off, hunni
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    Yeah it's not too far. I'll just keep taking my tablets until then.

    Yes, setting a reminder is a good idea also!

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    That's a pita! We've all done it at some point, try not to beat yourself up too much about it.
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    So easy to get dates wrong, stick a note on your fridge as a reminder.
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