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Thread: Friday Fab 5's: Friday 8th March 2019

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    Friday Fab 5's: Friday 8th March 2019

    It's Friday! Woohoo!!!

    So... What 5 or more or less things have made you smile/been positive for you this week?
    Remember - no negativity or I will remove it!

    Mine to get you started.....

    ~ My bestest friend coming to see me last weekend - BBQing in the wind and rain!
    ~ Going out for coffee
    ~ Snuggling with H
    ~ Vids for the daily reminders and with Mike!
    ~ Friendships and support from here as always..

    Your turn!
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    - essay written and handed in the day before my extended deadline!!!! Woohoo!!!
    - a positive driving lesson. My instructor even told me yesterday that I'm a lovely person
    - time spent with J
    - love and support from here as always
    TÍn pŽrdu, jham‚i sŽ rŽcŰbro

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    Aha!...not last!
    * Bought my granddaughter some art stuff, and she loves them
    * Lovely conversation with my boy on the phone.
    * Feeling on an even keel at the moment.
    * Looking forward to seeing a cousin tomorrow I haven't seen for 12 years.

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    - Jessís parents evening went better than expected
    - sparkly nail varnish
    - lovely coffee date with ex MIL and SIL
    - off today for the weekend
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    My turn a tad late but no matter

    • Got out everyday despite the weather.
    • Lunch with sis.
    • Daily videos with Suzi.
    • Custard Club with bread and butter pud.
    • Braved the rain to play bridge.
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    Here are mine:
    Feeling good practicing the music for a forthcoming concert.
    Buying a waffle maker from A but not used it yet
    Planning some days out with N
    Going to see J in the nursing home where he lives now. I havenít seen him for a long time - he was pleased to see me
    Aqua aerobics giving me confidence again after my fall
    Coffee morning for the organ fund this morning. I bought a hellebore for N.

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    Et je m'envole, vole, vole, vole, vole, vole. Que d'espťrance.
    I have a few too:
    - finally got a holiday;
    - enjoying spare time home and near;
    - cuddles with cat;
    - support here.

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