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Thread: New beginnings.

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    New beginnings.

    A new thread for 2019. I really hope your year has started well. I did not make any new year resolutions this year as I always break them. I do however have a couple of new goals I want to achieve.
    Goal 1.
    I want to go back to working full time.
    I think my time at Dave's has proven that despite what everyone thought when I started that I can cope with working. I don't want to work at Dave's forever and I would love to go back to running a market stall again. Not a big one. Just a medium stall in maybe Camden or my old pitch at poplar chrisp street market.
    Not going to rush into anything but I am looking into it.
    Goal 2. Meet someone.
    I have recently been on a few dates and although they have not worked out I have enjoyed the experience of getting out and meeting people. Since I moved back to London my social life has improved. I am meeting a lady tomorrow night going to see the laurel and hardy movie.
    I took someone to see the sherlock Holmes movie and it was awful.
    So those are my goals for 2019.
    Do you have any goals you hope to achieve? I hope you will have a great 2019.
    P.S. I downloaded ref leopards album:"The story so far and it is a brilliant greatest hits.

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    I think they’re fantastic goals, and it’s so wonderful to hear you so upbeat
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    Moving back to London was the best thing Paula. Got my independence back.
    Although I do go back and see the family.
    Just taking it one day at a time.
    I'm going to visit Dave tomorrow. He is not doing too good but prison is the best place. He gets 3 meals a day and gets help for his drinking. He is going to all the courses and seems to be focused.
    It is very scary visiting someone in prison. You have to go through all these searches and you wait for ages for the prisoners to come in.
    It's only once a month so it's not bad and he is in the scrubs so it's not that I have far to travel.
    Anyhoo I'm off to have my pizza and do a bit of drawing.
    Have a good evening.

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    I used to work in the William Hills either side of the Scrubs!
    It's lovely to hear you so excited!

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    Hi purple. I'm glad things are working out for you and that you're happy. Things are meant to be so you must be in the right place. An ex of mine used to take AA to prisons, and I have a lovely letter somewhere from an inmate to him saying how pleased he is to be sober. Doing time will give Dave the chance to think about life and what his priorities are going to be when he gets out. Fingers crossed he has a sober future. Happy new year by the way.

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    Had a good day at the footy.
    Orient were playing away in Wales today. Wrexham to be exact and we won 1-0. We are top of our league and heading back to league football.
    I am now sitting down with a curry and a bottle of lager watching some sh1t called:"My ghost story". Been watching it for like 10 years and and it's all bumps and orbs. Might watch something on Netflix. I watched haunting of hill house and found it very scary.
    Do you know of any other horror films you could recommend? I'm not into slasher films.

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    Hi purple, I've just been back since Boxing day and I'm catching up on everyone's news. It's amazing that you've moved out again. I hope the girls aren't missing you too much. Do you still swim regularly?

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    I got Marc to watch "Bird Box" with me - it was billed as "The scariest movie of all time" and as I'm a wuss I had to have someone to watch it with me. I shouldn't have bothered! It was a good movie, but very definitely not the scariest one I've ever seen...

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    Hi Purple I'm not one for horror movies especially those with blood and guts so can't really help you there.
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    I don't like those ones either. I like a good fright.

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