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Thread: What are you listening to (Part III)

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    What are you listening to (Part III)

    It was in my favorite show Suits I first heard this song. Its been giving me chills and tears ever since. I listen to oldies. But songs like this prevent me from saying they don't make good music like they used to

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    I've made this into the new thread for the new year!

    This is really emotional - it's had me in tears every time I've seen it, so you are warned....

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    Wow that powerful. Thanks for sharing.

    I saw this thread and I think its nice to dust it off.

    I saw this on reddit. It is a Wu Tang Clan Medley. But done in a good way. I did have a HipHop period. I even did a performance with a hiphop group standing behind the turntables.

    When members of the Wu Tang Clan saw this they posted it on fb and youtube themselfs. Thats also pretty sweet.

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    Have a look at the new Stereophonics song, "Chaos from the top down". It's an incredibly powerful song and video. Kelly is a very talented songwriter
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