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    Question confused

    I may have posted my hello in the wrong place. I've never used a forum before.

    How do I know if there are replies and or messages?
    Do we chap with anyone or are there rule of how you can and cant chat with?

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    Hi the DWD forum rules here

    Basically it is just common sense we respect others and don't post anything inappropriate, and because were not medical professionals we can't give diagnosis or offer one to one support for that you need to contact your GP.

    But other than that feel free to say as much or as little as you want.
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    hey I'm steph.

    welcome to the site.

    I don't come here often but will certainly talk to you if you need someone


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    Re replies to your threads, you’ll need to open up the thread to see them. If you click on either ‘new posts’ at the top left hand part of the page, or ‘What’s New’ it’ll bring up all threads that have had any changes still you last looked at them.

    Re private messages, at the very top, right hand of the page, you’ll see the ‘notifications’ drop down which will show you the inbox for messages - if you have a message there’ll be a flag on the notification. You can also opt to receive an email when you get a new private message
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    Hi and welcome! The others have said what I was going to, but most importantly remember you can always ask and we'll always try to help!
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    thank you guys. I very much appreciate replies and kind words.

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