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Thread: Ask me

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    chicken nuggets with magic beans and pumpkin juice.

    did I tell you I have a direct line to hogwarts and they send me food on a daily bases

    what country would you like to visit?

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    Nepal because it is so warm what with all that ice and snow and to stand on the Summit of Mt Everest and hear a crack and tinkle as my family jewels drop off and roll down the mountainside

    Favourite instrument (musical or otherwise) and what you'd do with it.
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    Bagpipes. I'd see how many ways I can stab them to stop them from inflicting their "music" on anyone else...

    What's your favourite fruit and why?
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    Vomit fruit because the smell is so enticing!

    Who is your favourite comedian and why?

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    Benny Hill, I particularly love his misogynism and the way he makes my skin crawl!

    What’s your favourite city?
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