After opening up and leaving my previous job, I'm still in negotiations for a settlement and what I believe to be the final batch of paperwork has come through. I just need to sign it and send it back.

Additionally, I went for a job interview this morning. While the prospective new employer doesn't seem to be too impressed by my suitability for the role I applied for, he does like some of the software I have created, so there may be an alternative role for me.

On my way to the interview, I met one of the friends who left my previous workplace quite by accident. She was quite happy to see me, and I her, and she even hoped I would have a good day - something she never said at work, so she must be happier since leaving too.

I still need to finish collecting the last of the items from my office, as well as some of the programs I had written from their computers, but I'll need their permission to do that. I'm also not allowed to say goodbye to everyone until the paperwork is finalised, but I won't say anything potentially harmful about my former employer. I'll just keep it brief, something along the lines of "On the suggestion of medical experts and with the support of head office, I have decided to resign. You deserve someone who can keep pace, and while I'd like to take you all with me, I know you have responsibilities here."

Also, I've started driving on a semi-regular basis. I just need to wait for my wife to be in before I try to park the car on the drive, but we've knocked one of the gate posts down to give me an extra foot of clearance.

I'd like to thank everyone here for their advice. I'm not fully recovered yet, but I'm feeling much better.