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Thread: My Wife Has An ADHD

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    My Wife Has An ADHD

    Hi, I have a wife she has an ADHD. I've already noticed it since we were just started dating.
    And now her condition have worsened. I am seeking advice. I hope anyone in this community can help me with the condition of my wife.

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    Hi Sam, I've moved your thread from "mental health factsheets" to this category as I think it fits better.

    Does she have a formal diagnosis? What things are you noticing? Does she have any support with this? Where are you from so we can hopefully find you the right advice for your area?
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    I can't really add anything to what Suzi said, I don't really know too much about ADHD apart from a quick look on Wikipedia, has she seen her doctor or had some sort of therapy?
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    You have the same problem with my co-office mate, her husband has an ADHD after 4 years of their marriage, she noticed that her husband's ADHD got worsened. Thank God! for the advice, tips, coaching and medication that was given from the coaches and doctor at Adult ADHD Centre. It really helps a lot to her husband and now she noticed about the few changes of his husband's attitude.
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