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Thread: Friday Fab 5's: Friday 7th September 2018

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    Friday Fab 5's: Friday 7th September 2018

    Morning everyone!

    So it's Friday. We've made it to the end of the week! So it's time for the Friday Fab 5 challenge.

    For those who have never taken part before, those who regularly participate and those who are unsure come and have a go!


    • each point will be celebrated
    • they don't have to be things like "swam the pacific without stopping" but "I ate breakfast each day" is just as important
    • Things that have been positive TO YOU

    Mine to get you started:

    ~ Tai Chi almost everyday. Am really enjoying those 20 mins focussed on being in that moment doing that movement at that time.
    ~ Friendship/daily videos/quiz here
    ~ Day 1 of the new school year going well
    ~ Talking to the ladies in neurophysiology who truly helped put me at ease
    ~ Playing games with my children

    Your turn!
    Just call me Goose....

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    Heres mine

    - woke up to a really beautiful sunny, autumn day
    - Jess passed her resit and successfully enrolled in year 2 of college
    - started my contact lens trial
    - lovely lunch with my best friend
    - impromptu pub lunch with my gorgeous family
    The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

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    - Lena's first day at high school went really well
    - started exercising and looking after myself again (lost 3lbs and my skin's starting to clear up)
    - getting things done around the house
    - been out for something other than work every day
    - I missed last week's so lovely holiday in Chester with the fiance

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    Well done ladies!
    Just call me Goose....

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    I'm just going to be next.
    Going to visit Jessica and having a great heart to heart.
    Successfully getting over my operation.
    The love and support from everyone here. Thanks everyone.

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    • Last Sunday went to the Mosley Common Rocks Festival (a local live music event).
    • Got thoroughly soaked on my trip to the docs *sings "splish splash taking a bath"* to see the nurse on Monday, I found the walk quite invigorating, especially the return trip when the rain stopped.
    • Lunch with my sis and her hubby on Tuesday.
    • Custardless Club on Wednesday.
    • Bridge on Thursday, played a bit erratically but fun nonetheless.
    • Playing Rainbow Skies (PS Vita video game).
    74 and counting, less of the "Old" call me "Mike" - The worst Christmas Joker 2018 & 2019
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    - finally feels like the new meds are working, the bad days aren't as bad
    - love and support from here as always
    - discussing plans for the future with J, it's the best feeling in the world knowing how much I'm loved
    - finally discharged from the weightloss service with a significant loss
    - almost finished my first module!
    Tn prdu, jhami s rcbro

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    -starting to feel a bit of a lift in mood. Hopefully meds kicking in
    -My husband is so good to me. 22 years married yesterday
    -My kids back to school and normal routine
    - my training centre. A real real positive in my life.

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    Happy anniversary for yesterday!
    Tn prdu, jhami s rcbro

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    Here we go.
    Only six more days until my daughter Zoe comes down from Scotland with her new boyfriend to stay!
    Lovely conversation with my boy last night. So proud of him.
    Ian has filled all the holes where the spiders are!!
    Put together the chicken coop all we need is chickens!
    Enjoying my riding lessons.
    Nice to know you're all here! You're a 'constant' in my life. Thanks

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