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Thread: The Magical Adventure through a Time Portal

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    The Magical Adventure through a Time Portal

    Chapter One
    It was Tuesday afternoon in the summer holidays. Raining. The clock ticked loudly. Lena sat at her desk and sighed. She was bored of the same old thing day in and day out. She stared out of the window, at least she tried to, the blinds were closed.
    “This is boring” she stated matter of factly.
    “Why don’t you go outside?” suggested mum.
    “No way! It’s pouring” Lena exclaimed.
    “We used to play out in all weather when I was your age” said mum.
    “Mum really? We don’t play!” Lena rolled her eyes and turned back to her computer. The room darkened slightly and the rain got heavier. Lena loaded up a game and started to play. She’d already completed it three times already. She tapped her foot impatiently and sighed again, staring vacantly at the screen. Mum had gone off to do some cleaning, Lena didn’t even notice, she continued to play her game not even thinking about what she was doing.
    “I’m still bored” she said out loud to nobody in particular. Click, click, click, went her fingers on the mouse pad. “Yawn” she said to herself, and then clicked some more.
    “Whoosh” went the weird noise from somewhere behind her.
    “Mum?” Lena called out anxiously, afraid to turn around.
    “Whoosh swoosh” went the noise again, getting louder and faster. Lena could see a bright white light out of the corner of her eye and could feel a warmth spread across her back.
    “Muuum?” she tried again, her voice cracking slightly. Mum didn’t answer. Slowly, slowly, slowly, Lena turned around, and there, in the middle of the living room floor, was a vibrant swirling mess of colours.
    “What on Earth is that?” Lena asked the room.
    “Woof” said Mia, who had just wandered in from the back garden. Slowly and carefully Lena edged her way around the whirlpool of colours until she reached Mia on the other side. They both glanced at each other and then looked back at smoky mess in the middle of the room. Mia let out a small whine.
    “Don’t worry,” Lena said as she patted her gently on the head, “I’ll protect you.” She leaned ever so slightly closer to the smoke and then jumped back suddenly as it expanded towards her.
    “Whoosh swoosh, whoosh swoosh, whoosh swoosh,” came the noise from within, faster and faster, louder and louder as the cloud of smoke grew and grew until it almost filled the whole of the living room. Lena and Mia stood against back, pressing themselves up against the wall. A few minutes passed, the only sounds the tick of the clock and the low whimpering of the little black dog.
    “I think it’s stopped growing?” Lena suggested tentatively. The smoky mass remained still, silent, almost as if it were waiting. Lena and Mia watched it closely in wonderment. Lena reached her hand carefully out towards it, it felt like nothing and everything at the same time. Lena took a huge deep breath as Mia let out another whine.
    “Oh well, what the heck” said Lena, “this day can’t get any worse” and she jumped into the whirlpool, followed closely by Mia, who didn’t want to miss out on the excitement.
    “Did you shout me?” asked mum as she walked back into the living room just in time to see Mia’s tail disappear in a cloud of colourful smoke.
    “Oh,” said mum, “that’s odd, I was certain I heard Lena shout”, and she walked back into the kitchen.

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    Chapter Two
    Lena opened her eyes groggily, she felt dizzy and she had a headache.
    “Where are we?” she asked Mia as she peered around into the darkness. She couldn’t make anything out it was so black.
    “Woof” said Mia, and proceeded to chase her tail. Lena waited for her eyes to adjust but nothing happened, not even the vaguest outline of a shape appeared before her eyes. She reached out in front of her but felt nothing but emptiness; she swallowed once, her heart pounding in her chest. She rubbed her eyes and looked around again. All of a sudden she was surrounded by bright colours swirling all around her. She looked down at Mia who had stopped chasing her tail and was sat watching the various wisps of colour that were floating all around her.
    “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Mia asked, looking up at Lena with her big brown eyes. Lena blinked and took a few steps back.
    “I’m sorry, can you say that again?” she asked as she eyed Mia warily.
    “I said it’s beautiful isn’t it?” Mia repeated, and trotted off down a path that had just appeared in front of her. Lena stood in a daze and watched Mia getting smaller and smaller as she walked away down the path. Suddenly she blinked and rubbed her eyes again and then hurried off in the direction that Mia had gone.
    “Hey, wait up!” she called as she saw Mia round a corner up ahead. She ran off after her, turned the corner and then stopped suddenly and stared up in wonder; down by her side, Mia was doing the same.
    “Woah” they both said in unison as a giant cloudlike creature floated past over their heads. As they surveyed the area ahead of them they realised that the sky, which was a deep shade of purple, was filled with these glorious creatures all different shapes and sizes. They were pale pink in colour, with huge black eyes and snout-like noses, and their bodies appeared to dance around the sky, passing through one another like a cool breeze flowing through ones hair. Lena and Mia stood a while as if entranced, watching the creatures swirling through the air gracefully. Out of the corner of her eye, Lena noticed the path continuing to grow in front of them. She gave Mia a gentle nudge with the side of her foot.
    “Should we carry on?” She whispered to Mia, throwing a cautious look at the shapes above.
    “I don’t see why not” Mia replied, “although I don’t know why you’re whispering, those things look pretty harmless.”
    “I guess you’re right” said Lena, and she started off along the path. Mia began to follow her, glancing around in amazement as she did. Lena began to swing her arms and whistle a jaunty tune as she walked, this day was shaping out to be much more interesting than she had expected. She didn’t immediately notice the large creatures start to turn their heads and look down on them, their black eyes suddenly glowing a fiery red. The sky darkened and lightning flashed up above, causing Lena to turn up and look. As she did, the biggest of the creatures bared its teeth at her and snarled menacingly. The creatures all joined together behind it and they started careening towards them. Lena and Mia looked at each other in fright; they both took a huge deep breath,
    “RUN!” they both screamed at the tops of their lungs.

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    That’s really cool!
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    Thank you I'll do some more when I get chance

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    That's really good. Really gripping.

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    That's really fab!
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    Thanks guys

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    I can't wait to read what happens next, will Lena find her way back home, will Mia still keep talking, it's really, really good
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    Aw I'm glad you guys like it, I'm going to try and write some more tomorrow, if I do I will post it here

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    Chapter Three
    They both ran as fast as their legs would carry them along the path that continued to grow in front of them. Neither dared to look back but they could feel the sky darken like a heavy curtain and huge drops of bright orange rain began to plop down onto the ground all around them, fizzing ominously as they hit.
    Lena threw her arms up over her head in defence and ducked down as she ran while Mia tried to keep shelter under her legs. The rain burned angrily as it pummelled Lena’s arms and left behind an itchy sensation as though covering her in tiny little bugs. Lena tried hard not to cry out as she started to lose the feeling in her legs and struggled to take in air.
    “I don’t like this day anymore!” she shouted to Mia, “I want to go home, back to the ordinary rain and my boring game, I changed my mind”.
    “It’s too late now,” Mia shouted out in reply, “we have to keep going; we can’t let them catch us!”
    They ran on and on, the path twisting and turning like a large snake slithering across the desert sand. Up ahead there was nothingness, a blinding white empty sky that turned dark and filled with orange rain as soon as they entered it. Tears began to stream down Lena’s face, mixing in with the trickles of orange that had managed to break through her arms.
    “It’s going to be okay,” Mia tried to comfort her but she could hear the fear in her own voice and she wasn’t sure that it was going to be okay; it seemed as if nothing would ever be ok again.
    Soon the sky around them began to turn white and the rain slowed to a drizzle, the path in front of them started to slow down too and the two of them switched their run for a jog and then turned it into a walk. Lena risked taking a look behind her, the creatures were still in the sky, twirling and writhing around each other, they were still heading towards them, but slower now and they had managed to put a fair distance between them. Lena let out a massive sigh of relief, she felt like she’d been holding her breath for a lifetime, and plonked herself down on the floor.
    “What are you doing?” Mia asked, “they’re still heading this way, we’re not safe yet.”
    “I… can’t… go… on…” Lena answered, taking in big gulps of air between words, “so… so… tired…”
    Mia glanced anxiously over her shoulder and gasped in horror as she saw how much ground the creatures had covered in such a short time.
    “Oh no… but how…?” she said worriedly, causing Lena to look back too.
    “Oh… my… word…” she stammered, as the biggest of the creatures loomed above her, licking it’s lips menacingly as the others crowded round behind it sneering at her. The big one let out an almighty roar and Lena could see right to the back of its huge, cavernous mouth, feel its hot foul breath enveloping her and smell the stench of rotting meat emanating from within.
    “This can’t be the end” Lena said, clutching Mia tightly, her fingers wound around her tufty fur, “I still haven’t found out who ‘A’ is in Pretty Little Liars”.
    “Unbelievable” Mia shook her head in amazement, the monster’s roar was still going strong, any minute now it was going to clamp down its massive jaws around them and finish them off in one big gulp. Lena swallowed hard and cuddled Mia closer, bracing herself.
    “Quick, down here!” shouted a small, squeaky voice from somewhere behind them.

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