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Thread: Loneliness *SU Trigger*

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    I obeyed my husband and didnt set an alarm for this morning. He said he would get the family up and out. I slept until 12:30pm.
    I'm not sure I'll tell him he was right...I needed sleep. anyway. I still dont feel great. Have done very little and im ready for back to bed. I just want everyone to leave me alone.

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    Glad you rested lovely. It's so important.
    Please always remember that I am always right. I have a framed certificate to prove it.

    When in doubt, stop and think... WWSS? (What Would Suzi Say?)
    For more info please see
    THIS thread

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    If sleep is what you need then sleep. But let hubby and the kids love you and look after you, even if you secretly prefer to be left alone.

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    One of my biggest problems when I’m ill is admitting my husband is right (normally Suzi too ) and the family can survive without me directing the troops. I hope today has helped you recup but, if you’re still not 100%, there is nothing wrong with doing the same thing again tomorrow ....
    ‘When all else fails, use glitter instead’

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