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Thread: Loss of emotions

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    Loss of emotions

    This is my first time posting or even talking about my depression I was diagnosed 4 weeks ago after suffering from a bit of a mental break down were I left my wife and my 2 kids. I just wanted to ask a question as to weather or not this is a depression symptom but I quite literally do not feel remorse or regret I have done and said things that most people would say are truly horrible boarding on evil yet I simply do not care I feel like if I were to harm someone else I would not feel bad in anyway shape or form and I feel like this is not normal everyday I think it gets worse like I'm testing myself to see what will i actually do how far am I willing to go and it can be a scary dark place that I don't want to be in.

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    Hi and welcome to DWD.
    Was it your GP who gave you a diagnosis? What treatment plan is in place?
    Have you spoken to your wife or children since you left?
    Do you know what the trigger for your depression is?

    Sorry, loads of questions!
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    Hi and welcome. Often, rather than the massive lows that most people associate with depression, Iíve found that numbness is the predominate Ďemotioní for me, particularly if Iíve been in crisis for a while. I think itís the minds way of trying to protect me from the worst this illness throws at me. If this means youíre actively hurting the people in your life, please stop. Apart from the direct damage you might do, remember that this state of crisis will pass and youíll then have to live with any harm youíve done to the people you love, and the fallout from that harm.

    Have you seen your doctor for help? How are you working with your wife and children to try to mend your relationship?
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    One aspect of depression is complete loss of emotions where you can't be bothered to do anything nothing seems enjoyable anymore almost as though you've gone past the point of feeling very low and all there is a feeling of nothingness.

    Have you seen your doctor? because often that is the first step on getting better.
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