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Thread: Not coping so well...

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    We're off to North Wales (my mom, daughter, grandma are grandad are already there) my mums husband and I are making our way down later today because we couldn't get time off work, hopefully with this time away I can clear my head a little and try to enjoy myself *fingers crossed*

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    If you understand that it's hard for you and a burden of oppressive thoughts hold you back, painting your life in dark colors, don't keep silent. Not everyone can't handle this. There's a way out, but it depends on you whether you want to use it.

    There are many options for overcoming your sufferings.

    For example, many of us forget about that simple thing as... conversations. With relatives, closest friends, kith, colleagues and even strangers. Discover the world and open your heart. Let yourself set free. Just try for one time.

    Not less effective remedy are medicaments. To buy them you can visit LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN. It hepled me in my time, so maybe it can help you too.
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    I finally did it!

    My heart is pounding a mile a minute and I can barely breathe but I went in on my way to work and booked an appointment with my doctor... and it's all thanks to you guys on here being so supportive and encouraging *feeling proud*

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    You are not alone with this feeling, and I promise you you are not a burden. I know that voice telling all kinds of garbage, and I have noticed how people who don't know the feeling personally may actually mix it with self pity. It's not like you had control over it, and that's exactly why you should talk to someone who knows how crippling it can be feeling that way. Hope you feel better soon.

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    It really helps just to hear other people say that I'm not the only one (even though on some level I already knew I wasn't, it's hard to let myself believe it sometimes)

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    Because that's exactly what your depressed brain tells you. One of the things depressed mind tends to think apparently is that "no one else feel this ty because no one else is this worthless". It hurts, but remembering it is not just you, and what ever the condition tries to tell you is a lie, is comforting. Others have been there, feeling low and struggling, and still got better. So why not me? Some times other people manage to say simpliest things that actually can change so much. For me it has been my significant other and my kids. They may say things that really shakes some weight Off my mind, if I only take the time to pay attention to those things. My 11 yo son told me few days ago that "even if I could have the Best mom ever in the universe, I'd still rather have you even you sometimes are a handful". That's when Le dude said "luckily we got two hands". Rough translation from the sayings in our language. I really hope you get rid of the crippling thoughts and remember again how sweet things can feel.

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    hope the appointment goes well!

    I'm sure it will

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    Well done, hunni, I’m so proud of you!
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    That's brilliant! Well done!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaterpillarGirl View Post
    the few people I have told always say things like "but you don't seem like you have depression" or "you always look like you're happy" and yet behind closed doors it's a completely different story!.
    It always makes me wonder exactly what we’re supposed to look like!
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