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Thread: Not coping so well...

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    I feel very much like I could sleep all day at the moment if I didn't have responsibilities to get up for, it's worse now it's the summer holidays so I don't even have to get my daughter up for school (I don't work until the evenings) I only got up this morning to let the dog out for a wee, when I do get up I wake with a sense of dread for what the day might bring...

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    My sleep patterns leave a bit to be desired I often fall asleep in front of the TV of an evening so end up going to bed in the early hours, mind you a lot of people my age (71) are prone to dozing in a chair in the evening.
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    My dad is always telling me that he falls asleep in front of the TV I actually find it really hard to sleep during the day once I'm up even though I feel constantly exhausted!

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    Can you do things like plan a nice activity each day that's something to look forward to getting up to?
    What about planning in walks and then it might help you sleep? Try some mindfulness?
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    I can relate. I struggle to sleep at night but come next day I want to sleep the day away. I think thatÂ’s my old friend anxiety tipping his hat

    Reading helps me to calm anxiety at night and coffee saves the day come morning!
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    I think it's a mixture of depression and anxiety for me, I could try planning things but I'm unsure if I'd actually go through with my plans and my daughter never wants to do anything! I have been out today though but only because I had to take my cat to the vets, I've never tried reading to calm my anxiety, I think because when I get really wound up I find it hard to concentrate on anything, I might give it a go though

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    You went out, you got stuff done - that’s a win. Make sure you give yourself credit where it’s due!
    Definitely a mix of both I think. Reading might not be right for you but I’d recommend you give it a go, engages your brain way more than tv and has the magical ability to take your mind elsewhere.

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    I love to read, did my degree in English literature because of my love of reading, I just never seem to do it anymore. I actually tried doing some reading earlier this afternoon but due to an incident of mixed up dates with some coursework I handed in my stomach ended up in knots and I couldn't concentrate (even after the issue got resolved)

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    Why not get some CD books and let someone else read you a story instead...then you can relax and enjoy it. I'm sure the 'book worm effect' will come back at a later date when you aren't as stressed.

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    That's a nice idea, not something I would have thought of, I'll give it a go

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