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Thread: Mirtazapine effects & mood gym *SU Trigger*

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    Not really the point love, you've been accessing services meant for someone else who lives in that area.
    As I said, you should be able to have access to a CMHT where you are now.
    I agree but if you look at it that way somebody else has benefited in the area I'm supposed to be.

    Had my last appointment with the mental health practitioner yesterday there's nothing he can do he's abit concerned now as I have no gp. I mentioned I was concerned about being back at square one again, the practice he's at he's 1 of 2 in our county in his position.

    He did mention calling the practice manager and seeing if they'd take me on,but it wouldn't be very likely.

    He called the psychiatrist centre and updated them about the situation which he hoped would speed things up.

    Theres no way I'm going into the village to register at a new practice if only it could be done over the phone.

    I've been reading all the reviews and the receptionists are getting horrible feedback.

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    Dr's receptionists ALWAYS get horrible feedback - after all they are the gatekeepers to the Drs! However if you talk to them, explaining your situation I'm sure they will do what they can to help.
    No one can make you register with them, but without a GP you are going to struggle/not be able to access any form of NHS help.
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