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Thread: Mirtazapine effects & mood gym *SU Trigger*

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    I'll call them again Monday just fed up with not knowing when they'll call it sets me off worrying and I've found it easier to just shut it all off.

    Yes I've been getting out most days now I have to otherwise it gets hard again to get out. I just can't seem to cope with busy places that's the next step I guess.

    Feeling abit isolated atm I don't know why my mood seems to be down lately, even went in the garage tonight to exercise but I'm still feeling low

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    With the best will in the world, you’re not their only patient. Even when appointments are made, no one can guarantee they’ll be on time, particularly as tough things are in the nhs - many health professionals have been reassigned to help with the covid crisis, leaving other departments severely short staffed. If you want to speak to them, you’re going to have to engage properly, switch your phone on and be prepared to talk to them whenever they are able.
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