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Thread: Mirtazapine effects & mood gym *SU Trigger*

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    Mirtazapine effects & mood gym *SU Trigger*

    Hi all first post here.

    Finally had enough with feeling down and have constantly had sucidial thoughts in my head almost everyday,so I went to see the Dr's who put me on sertraline 50mg and I made an appointment with a wellness councillor.

    The wellness councillor said I have aniexty and depression and could do with talking to somebody and that the doc should up my meds to 100mg to open up more?.

    That was 7 weeks ago I don't feel like the sertraline has done anything I'm still having lots of negative thoughts,lying awake at night crying etc,so much so I rang the wellness people up again to find out when my appointment would be only to be told it could be 6-8 months!

    I've since been bk doctors who's switched me to Mirtazapine 15mg and lowered the sertraline to 50mg.

    The Mirtazapine first time I took it from completely knocked me out! I've struggled the last few days to the point I feel like a zombie and detached even more,also strange dreams and very sensitive to sounds especially when out dog suddenly barks.

    Does the drowsiness wear off? It makes me want to do nothing! Also the doc recommended a site called mood gym but it's £40 has anyone used it?

    Sorry about the long post
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    Hi John and welcome. First off, Iíve added a trigger warning to your thread. Itís absolutely nothing to worry about, we just need to make sure that other members have the opportunity to avoid any threads that may be triggering for them

    I am very concerned that your counsellor has given you a Ďdiagnosisí and Ďadvisedí you wrt to medication. These are things ONLY a medically trained person ie a doctor should advise you of. This could amount to malpractice on behalf of your counsellor.

    Yes, the mirtazapine will absolutely make you drowsy. Itís a side effect the majority of people will suffer from. However, the drowsiness should ease to a manageable level after a few weeks. If it doesnít, definitely discuss it with your doctor.
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    Hi and welcome to DWD!
    If the drowsiness is too hard then maybe try taking it at night - it's when I take mine - but always best to check with your dr.
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    Hi John

    I'm on Sertraline and it took a couple of months before I started to get the benefit.

    It's a case of just getting the right meds as we are all different. You need to give the change of meds a few weeks and if the drowsiness doesn't wear off and/or you're not getting any benefits you should go back to your doctor.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I've been taking the Tabs at night just finding it hard to wake up the next day.

    Has anyone tried the mood gym? doctor mentioned something to do with cbt? or could anyone recommend any other things i could try? at abit of a loss at the moment when i was told i could be waiting 6-8 months to talk to somebody,it felt like there wasn't much point in going if it was going to take that long

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    Try speaking to your local MIND, they often run courses to help you learn to deal with things. Also check if your area runs something called a recovery college.
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    I haven't used mood gym. I know it used to be recommended a lot, but I'd be cautious at spending that amount of money. You could try some of the free mindfulness and meditations on you tube to try.
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    Hi John the lower doses of mirtazapine will cause sedation until you get used to them. I’ve been taking 45mg for a long time and they work well for me. Ive just enrolled with mood gym as I am experiencing panic attacks and so far it looks promising.

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    Right I've been taking mirtazapine for just over a week now and the drowsiness is starting to wear off some mornings it's still a struggle and everynight I've been having strange dreams.

    I'm in two minds about mood gym due to the cost things are tight as I'm currently off work.Can anyone recommend CBT therapy that's free to try? I'm worried that when I go back doctors it'll look like I've not been doing anything

    It'll be almost 2 months tomorrow since I saw a wellness councillor and it just feels like I'm stuck.Not sure what to do at the moment

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    Thanks for the replies I've looked into the recover program but there's nothing at this time.

    My boss has started to put a bit of pressure on me by suggesting maybe I go private but I've no idea how much that would cost,it's not helping as it's adding to the pressure that I'm going nowhere by sitting here waiting . I've stopped all communication with all my friends as I'm embarrassed and don't want to talk to them when I'm feeling down

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