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    I had a consultation with my doctor yesterday and I've been prescribed Sertraline 25mg.
    Can I hear your experiences - good or bad. Thanks

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    Hi hunni, I've heard both good and bad experiences - as I do with all medications. It's saved the life of one of my friends... As with any anti d there are side effects, but these should lessen/stop after a couple of weeks.
    As with every one they work differently for each person. Unfortunately it's a case of waiting and seeing if they are going to be great for you. They take between 6 - 8 weeks to get to a therapeutic level.
    Definitely worth trying if your GP thins they'll help...
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    I'm on sertraline and it took a couple months before I started to get any benefit as Suzi said we are all different and it's a matter of persisting for a few weeks before deciding if it is for you.
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