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Thread: Mirtazapine effects & mood gym *SU Trigger*

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    Thought I'd post an update
    I've made a few steps in the right direction over the past 2 weeks started to talk to my friends again I've been into work and had a chat with colleagues which left me feeling relived.

    I'm planning on going back on a phased return but work want me to work 1hour X 5 days a week and gradually increase but I can't survive on that money come the end of the month if I'm loosing my ESA payments.

    The only negative I can think of if finding out 1 of my close work friends has got engaged which made me feel sick and start worrying that he'll be leaving soon,and that my life seems to be going nowhere. I don't know why I feel like this, I should be happy right? I've always had trouble dealing with friends moving on or leaving right back to school it seems to set me panicking that I'll be alone.

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    Well done for talking to people! That's a huge step forward!
    Call ESA, I'm sure I read somewhere that it will stay paying if you are working under a certain hours and payment threshold...

    Why do you automatically assume your friend will be leaving you now he is engaged?
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    Suzi’s right, under ESA, you should be allowed to do what’s called Permitted Work. If you working less than 16 hours per week and earning less than £131.50, you won’t lose your benefit (

    All you need to do is complete the relevant form and submit to the job centre
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