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    Hi Folks

    I'm a 55 year old bloke, been suffering from depression for years but recently been having some blips so thought I'd try the forums. I was hoping to find out if anyone else had suffered in the same way and how they cope(d) with it...I'll post all the gory details in the correct thread.

    Depression's one of Those Things in life that we have to cope with but it helps to have an understanding ear so I also thought that I could reciprocate at times. Been on all sorts of drugs to help with it although my latest success has been with natural remedies. I try and balance work/non-work time (not always successfully) as that also seems to help to cope.

    I'm pleased to have found the forum and hoping for a mutually rewarding relationship with it! :-)


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    Hi and welcome to DWD. I hope you find talking here helps. Have you ever discussed your mental health with your doctor?

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    Hi Andy welcome to DWD, I'm sure you'll find this a very friendly place.
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    Hi Andy and welcome
    Come on everybody, join in the QUIZ, I need the competition!

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    Hi Andy, I hope you find the DWD forum helpful, I certainly have. I very much understand where you are at the moment as Iím going through similar circumstances. Good luck and if you need a sympathetic and understanding ear Iím happy to listen.

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