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Thread: New here and struggling

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    New here and struggling

    Hi all Iím new here and not really sure what to put without writing an essay basically Iím struggling with life and not really sure how to carry on I havenít really got anyone to talk to no friends my family I know wonít take me seriously and I donít think I could talk to a professional without feeling like Iím wasting there time anyway thanks for reading this

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    Hi Curry, we are here to listen, feel free to post as much and as little as you want, have you spoken to your doctor as that is usually a good place to start. There is medication and various talking therapies which only become available by seeing your GP. You certainly wouldn't be wasting the time of professionals and it could be the start of a journey to your recovery.
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    Hi and welcome. I promise you that you wonít be wasting anyoneís time. Have you talked to your doctor about how youíre feeling? Why do you think your family wonít take you seriously?

    If you would like tips on how to talk to your family, the Time to Change website can be very helpful
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    I agree with the others, you aren't wasting anyone's time. How you feel is important.
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    Hi Curry,

    welcome to the forum. I only recently joined and everyone made me feel very welcome, so I am sure you will be fine here.

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    Welcome. Youíve made a good start by joining this group. The support and advice Iíve received here has been really helpful and Iím sure you will find the same. I found talking a great way of starting to address my depression and Iíd encourage you to try to speak to someone if you can. I spoke to my doctor and she pointed me in the right direction for specialised help.

    Good luck and remember weíre here for you so keep in touch.


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