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Thread: Hi everyone.

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    Hi everyone.

    Hi everyone. I joined this forum few days ago, but it took me a while to start writing my first message to introduce myself. Not sure where to start from. I read some posts around the forum and is giving me the impression of a very warm and friendly place.
    Been suffering from depression for several years. Tried many times and different ways to find a way out, but at the end I always find myself same as before or even worse.

    I work full time, and been in the same company for too long (almost 10 years). Is a very stressful and challenging job. I am married with 2 beautiful daughters.

    Hopefully with time We can get to know each other more.

    Thanks for reading this post and looking forward to receiving your reply.

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    Hi and welcome to DWD!
    Have you seen your Dr and told them how you are feeling?
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    Hi Giu and welcome! Can I ask if you’re getting any support and treatment?
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    Good morning Suzi and Paula. Thanks for your welcome messages.
    I do not have any support or trratments from the doctors. I never told my dr I'm depressed. The less ppl knows, the better for me. I'm terrified of the thought of talking openly about my depression.
    One of my problem is that i find difficult to talk to ppl, mainly if i don't know them. Even with friends i find it difficult.
    I tell you something. Many years ago i tried to have sessions with a psychologist, unfortunately wasn't from the NHS, so i had to pay and each appointment was very expensive. She tried to helpme as much as possible; but after a couple of months I had to leave it because i wasn't making much progress. Even with her i had problems in talking about my issues and it was making it difficult for us both.

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    Hi Giu, it can be difficult opening up about depression but it helps if you can, that's my experience, it is certainly worth seeing a doctor as there is medication and therapies available and the doctor provides a gateway to those.
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    Hi Mike.
    I don't believe I will ever manage to open up to a dr. Im also reluctant to the idea of taking meds. Even paracetamol for my headaches I hardly use them.

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    Hi Giu and welcome....have you thought of writing everything down? If you find it difficult to open up and physically talk about your depression, why not express your fears and issues in writing? Then hand it to your doctor to read. Regarding medication for depression. It's not the only option, but it may well give you the relief from your depression that you need. There's no shame in being depressed or taking meds. Would your husband come with you to the doctors. You'll get a lot of support here if you want to offload. Don't suffer needlessly.

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    Hi Gui, You’ve made a great start by joining DWD and facing your depression. I’ve found the forum a great help and a way of expressing my problems anonymously. There are people out there who will listen and understand without judging you, if you can, let them help.

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    Thank you everyone for all your welcoming messages. It makes me feel special and privileged. Is so lovely to meet you all.

    Flo, thank you for your suggestion of writing everything down, to be honest, I haven't thought about it as I always believed the doctors would just ignore the letters; as I always believe they are busy with their workload and many patients every day. So I always assume they don't have much time. But I will take it in consideration and start writing something each day, when is a long paragraph that makes sense, I will do something with it.

    Flo... I am the husband
    My wife doesn't really support me from this point of view. I tried to talk to her about it many years ago, but we didn't understand each other. Ending up arguing and being accused of attention seeking or making up excuses; she was also getting annoyed to hear me being repetitive about talking over and over the same issues too often and for prolonged times.

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    If you make an appointment with your gp and hand your notes into reception to ask if the gp can have it to look at before your appointment, that can help. Also, it might be worth explaining in the note that you’re not keen on medication to ensure the gp knows to talk about all your options.

    WRT your wife, take a look at the Time to Change website as there’s good tips on how to talk about your mental health with friends and family
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