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Thread: Sat here crying

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    Sat here crying

    I feel so low today the new boss at work has belittled me in front of someone and is when you go the extra mile he doesn't appreciate anything I do.. I have been in that job for 9 years and it has gone from a lovely job to hating it.our son is on the sick with depression and has applied for a new job he has got a new job but waiting for the paperwork to come through so after a week i suggested ringing their hr to see if it was on its way. He boiled over so shouted at by someone else I feel totally low and down. I would like to leave both work and home but I don't earn a lot so can't afford somewhere on my own.

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    Is he still on drugs/drink?

    Sorry you aren't having a good time at work...
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    Can you look for a better job?
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