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Thread: How often it too often with bad days

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    How often it too often with bad days

    Hi Guys, first post here. A little background, i was diagnosed with depression with associated anxiety a while back. I am on 60mg flouxetine and 10mg olanzapine. I am definitly better than i was. I was really down yet felt agitated and super stressed all the time. I'm nowhere near as agitated as i was but still seem to get days when i'm just down and have no motivation or energy. Could just sleep all day and brush off important stuff because i can't be bothered. What i want to know is if it's normal to have the bad days like that?

    Also, how do you all deal with your spouse, i mean my wife has been very good about my illness, but i feel i'm gonna drive her away if i complain about my bad days. Everybody has to have a limit when it comes to people moaning lol

    Thanks in advance for your advice,


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    Hi and welcome. It's very normal for me. I ended up 3 weeks behind with my uni work because I couldn't face it. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? Are you having any counselling?

    I'm very lucky in that my partner also suffers from depression so understands everything I feel but it only works because we're open and honest with each other. Chances are she already knows when you're having a bad day.
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    Hi, yes I have bad days like that and it is so easy to let things slide, at present I'm getting far more good days than bad so when I'm having a bad patch I know it won't last.
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    Hi there and welcome to DWD.
    In our relationship I am the spouse - I promise you, talking to her and keeping her in the loop is a much, much better plan rather than whatever she thinks is happening....

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    Hi and welcome, J. Its perfectly normal to have bad days. Depression isnt something where recovery is instant, it takes time to get down to the worst of it and it takes time to get back up. Youre better than you were so definitely going in the right direction.

    As for your wife, be honest with her and ask her to be honest with you.
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