Iím really struggling to the point of breaking up with my girlfriend over my depression.

Naturally Iím a loner and I need downtime even after fairly standard social interactions. Work drains me badly during the week and spending time with people during the evenings and weekends can literally badly upset my balance for weeks afterwards.

Now I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend but she doesnít either understand or care that socially actually makes me suffer. I am quite happy to spend the day with her but then she tries to organise things for the next day and get irrated because I donít want to see her but I need that downtime to recover. She constantly pushes and pushes at me with no respite, I have got to the stage I cannot open her text messages anyway because my anxiety goes into overdrive.

I donít know what to do anymore, mild hints go unnoticed, being clear in what I need just makes her become pushy to the point I get into a bad mood and lock up, the only thing that seems to work is ignoring her or being nasty but I donít want to upset her.