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Thread: Paintbrush, friend or enemy?

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    Paintbrush, friend or enemy?

    I took up on painting again after countless of years. It didn't go too well, but then again I have done alot worse job before. Maybe one day I actually learn how to properly use watercolours. Untill then, it is practice, practice and more practice.

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    Brilliant Sissy, with painting you don't need to a achieve a pin sharp image like a photograph, you need to show a feeling for the subject and create an image which affects the emotions which you have done.
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    Thanks, I still do the rööki mistake alot, using too much colour and not enough water. But one day..

    Rookie! Dumb autocorrect. Rööki is a slang term for tobacco In my language
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    Thats really good

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    Its lovely, especially the tail - it really shows the movement and texture
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    That's brilliant!
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    That's definitely brilliant!
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    That's really lovely Sissy!!...have you tried painting with Acrylics? It's far more forgiving that watercolours.....well it has to be for me, because I make so many mistakes!

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    I have acrylics but I have used them mainly tuning up my little ponies and barbie dolls. Well I have made animals of Stones with those. But watercolours are something I really wish to learn. I mainly just draw, pencils, charcoal and Dry pastels have been my things.

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    Wow, this is beautiful! I'm absolutely dreadful at drawing, my drawing style hasn't changed since I was six, haha, but I do find it rather enjoyable to do mandalas and stuff. But this is really lovely, beautiful colours and love the fluffy tail, you've done a great job at having those bits of hair sticking out along the tail.

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