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Thread: I hate mornings

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    Ash kills ticks and lice so they benefit alot of it
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    Morning Sissy!....Thats a great idea! we have a wood burning stove so I'll empty the ashes into a box or something. Do you put the ashes into their enclosed run or do you put it outside where they roam? My enclosed run isn't huge but it's covered with a purpose made waterproof sheet at the moment because of the wet weather. If it rains the ashes will turn to mud outside I suppose! Are you having a good time with your dad staying?

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    I've noticed birds in my garden like to have a dry dust bath, not much chance of that at the moment with all the rain here though.

    Flo put the ashes in a tray under cover otherwise I'll be a mud bath, I'm sure Sissy will put us right on this
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    I don't plan to put any ashes out unless it's a sunny day. I'll put it under cover in their enclosed run otherwise. They're happily roaming around the garden at the moment. They're quite comical!

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    Put it either in the henhouse or some where else it stay dry. I mix sand, sawdust and ash in 1:1:1 ratio in an old tire. It makes a great bath tub for your birds
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