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    hi everyone i came across this site searching google ..what i was searching for i really dont no ..i have struggled with depression on and off for 15 years. The past few years i have been at my best working full time and raising my son alone with very little help . Recently I feel like i am going back into old ways crying non stop blameing myself for things . I found myself not bern able to face work today . thats not me .... I will be going to thr doctors tomorrow ...was wondering what peoples coping stratages are and if any1 could share them with me please because i am willing to try anything..
    thank u for reading my post .

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    Hi and welcome. A lot of us try and use hobbies to distract us
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    Hi and welcome. Well done for booking that appointment, thats an important step in your recovery. How old is your son?
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    thank you for your time .my boy is 11 and at high school now ..its ment to get easier but its not its hard as he suffers with anxiety his self. which he does get help with ... I dint have babysitters so having some me time only comes once in a blue moon .
    i found writing everything down us3d to help me but im struggling to put pen to paper at the minute .. I wish i knew what has triggered me off and all i can put it down to is a bad dream ... I have been reading other peoples posts and its nice to know their are lots of listening ears out there which as made me feel a little better ...thank u 2 u both for replying to me xx

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    hope this site helps you

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    Hi and welcome to DWD. What kind of help is your son getting?
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    Hi Zena welcome to DWD

    A lot of us use hobbies as distraction, whether it is gardening, jigsaws, knitting or listening to music, it all helps.
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    Hi and welcome to dwd

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    hi, your not alone zena. I have a lovely house with a good job and kids yet feel like something is missing and I just can't put my finger on it. I have to always make myself happy x

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