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Thread: Introducing myself *AB TRIGGERS*

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    Introducing myself *AB TRIGGERS*

    Hello everyone! Iím new here in the DWP just to introduce myself. Iím 46 and Iíve been diagnosed with depression illness in 2014 by my GP. Since then I started with medicine Venlafaxine started from 75mg to a 150 daily which Iím sticking on at the moment. I found out that the Venlafaxine works ina differently ways depending on which Brand I use and Iím still on my searching to find out why but Iíll have to open a second thread to discuss it and see everybodyís opinion.
    Well I can say that after 3 years on Venlafaxine treatment and constantly visits to the GP I think I can feel a coordinated mental condition that I didnít experiment before. I realised that I suffered for more long than my doctor and I thought. I had an abusive childhood, physical and emotional abuse as as little as I can remember to be, for example had have a boiling fudge poured on my body at the age of 9 months. Iím still with my childhood memories alive on my mind but with the medicine treatment in this days sometimes I donít allow it to bother me too much but sometimes still in there in the dark side of my mind scaring me, trying to stop me to live, itís difficult but Iím a fighter.
    I donít work since 2013, Iím not on benefits either as to helping with the depression I started make crafts and bits at home and sell it online and actually I do still selling, I make art dolls and I absolutely love it. I canít find myself working with something else now.
    I donít like to socialise too much and sometimes besides the daily walks with my dogs I can stay 1 or 2 weeks at home making my dolls. Iím happy in that way and itís ruins my day when my husband book some dinner or drink with friends that I feel I donít have much in common to talk. I just enjoy my days on my own company, my dogs and my husbandís company at night, also my Mondays at my Pottery course, I love to be in there with people that also like to sculp, paint and draw so we have lots to talk.
    The only thing Iíve lost is myself care. I donít bother with things that were actually a physical pressure I think. Iíve gained weight with the use of Venlafaxine so the self esteem decreased and itís something that my husband complains sometimes. He is a gym addicted and I donít really like to go but I remember in the past was a good feeling after workout perhaps Iím thinking soon get back to the gym slowly, I donít like pressure and I want to do it on my time when Iím ready. In the mean time during the treatment Iíve managed to stop smoking, 3 years smoking free and not alcohol too. So Iím ok, despite the side effects but are not too bad. I realised that if i started it sooner perhaps in my teen time perhaps my life shouldnít have been so complicated as it was.
    So my advice is if you feel youíre not yourself go for help, donít let it to later and stop suffering.
    Love to all
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    Hi and welcome. It's great that the venlafaxine is helping you. I've added a trigger warning to your post as you discuss abuse. It's nothing to worry about, it's just so people can avoid reading if it will trigger them.
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    Hi and welcome to DWD
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    Hi and welcome! I'm glad you've found making the dolls helpful
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