I finally got my degree grade today, 2:1 It is not the 1st I was aiming for but, considering what I have been through, it is amazing. I came so close to giving up on my degree and my life, but I went back and completed it. It was my hubby and my counsellor that helped me reach the end. Without their constant support and willingness to listen and point out my strengths, when all I saw was weaknesses, I could not have returned to the source of my struggles. Not only that but I got some amazing grades in those last few weeks. My GP is now talking about reducing/changing my meds soon (I am already off the propranolol and stayed off them this time) and I am no longer seeing her every 2 to 6 weeks (I have got to see her in 3 months, but that is for a physical problem). I still have bad days but nowhere near as bad as they were and it is probably down to too much thinking time and uncertainty about the future (roll on finding a job). I miss the really happy me, as opposed to the ok me, but my psychotherapist said venlafaxine can prevent me feeling strong emotions and when I come off it I may find the happy me again (she has also said to take at least 100 days to come off it). The sun does shine again.